An exciting new women’s health product was coming to market, and Instigator created an extensive campaign to organically raise awareness among patients.

The Opportunity

Women who suffer from bacterial vaginosis currently have two treatment options: one that’s effective but prone to causing side effects, and one that has fewer side effect but is less effective.

Metrophem is a new treatment option that has much fewer side effects than previous treatment options while still featuring a high rate of effectiveness.

However, as a new product in an already mature marketplace, Metrophem needed to achieve market awareness among doctors and patients. Instigator was asked to develop a fully featured campaign that would let the world know that there’s a better option for women with bacterial vaginosis.

The Process

As we researched the market and current treatment options, we discovered something important about bacterial vaginosis: awareness of the condition itself is quite low, often mistaken for a yeast infection. However, the two are quite different, and treating BV as a yeast infection can actually make it worse.

With that in mind, we created a campaign to raise awareness of the condition and its treatment options. The “Be Clear Today” campaign was created to let women know that BV is different from a yeast infection, that it’s treatable, and that it’s important to “be clear” with doctors about their condition.

The campaign included the creation of a patient advocacy group and patient registry to help connect directly with BV sufferers. These patients would be reached through women’s health bloggers / vloggers, social media, doctor’s visits, enewsletters, and other outlets.

In addition to the patient education piece, Instigator also developed a complete branding system for Metrophem, as well as a full gamut of marketing materials for the product.

The Result

Metrophem is still in development. The campaign has been met with widespread approval from the sponsor and its shareholders.