Patheon called upon Instigator to create a unified brand that would consolidate the company’s marketplace presence and supply a consistent consumer experience for clients.

The Opportunity

Over the years, Patheon had grown quickly through the relentless acquisition of manufacturing sites from pharmaceutical companies or other contract manufacturing companies. However, this type of growth often brings with it an inconsistent consumer experience for clients, since different facilities with different internal cultures and operating patterns had been collected under one corporate name. Patheon’s various sites weren’t unified or concrete about prices, logos, or even the pronunciation of its name.

New management was brought into the company to address the internal issues and build upon the strong foundation in the marketplace that had already been laid over the past decade. This new management named Instigator as Patheon’s agency of record to help in achieving these goals.

The Solution

To help Patheon provide a consistent consumer experience, Instigator’s first step was a new Patheon logo, one that helped build on the company’s rich history. When the company’s name was developed decades earlier, “Patheon” combined the words “path” and “eon.” Instigator used this to their advantage, creating a logo that combined a stylized path and the infinity symbol as part of the company’s name.

After the logo was created, Instigator continued to build Patheon’s new corporate identity by creating the “OnePatheon” initiative. OnePatheon developed a single new identity for all of the corporation’s global locations through new sales material, internal stationery, and communication templates. Our staff provided Patheon with new photography, video production, design, and copywriting. We created a uniform corporate look, from the corporate identity right down to the interior signage of each facility. Patheon truly became one company.

The Result

Instigator helped Patheon reinvent itself in the pharmaceutical world. By understanding the complexity of creating new corporate identities we were able to help Patheon become a stronger brand.

Instigator served as Patheon’s agency of record for numerous years, handling all of the company’s marketing needs. Because Instigator is a full-service agency, with almost all of our work being done in-house, we were able to handle Patheon’s needs in a quick and cost-effective manner.