When a global logistics company acquired a specialized provider, they turned to Instigator to tell the story of its expanded capabilities in a clear but memorable way.

The Opportunity

Instigator has served as the agency of record for global logistics company MNX for several years. When they acquired Logical Freight Solutions, an international healthcare logistics provider, they needed to educate the marketplace about the merger and about the new capabilities it enabled for MNX. Instigator knew that a compelling messaging campaign based on striking visuals would best tell this story.

The Process

The acquisition of Australia-based Logical Freight Solutions allowed MNX to expand its capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region, and these expanded capabilities needed to be highlighted in the campaign.

Instigator’s strategists and illustrators created a series of three images, each of which featured a city MNX can better serve through Logical Freight Solutions. The concept was simple: MNX’s quality shipping services make far-away cities feel closer together; the imagery, which was inspired by vintage travel posters, communicates this concept with just a few words.

The Result

Our visual storytelling was well received and became popular within MNX’s network. The imagery was adapted for advertisements, posters, and online materials. Oversize prints were made to hang in the MNX offices, and some of their clients even requested prints for their own offices.