A pharmaceutical company needed to expand its portfolio, and Instigator helped them identify the best candidates for acquisition

The Opportunity

After a portfolio review, a pharmaceutical company knew it needed to acquire additional products to gain sales force efficiencies and increase revenues. They turned to an Instigator acquisition expert to coordinate their efforts.

The Solution

Our expert began by identifying complimentary products that could be promoted to the company’s current target audience. He cross-referenced these products with their valuation data to identify those within a reasonable valuation range that fit the company’s current available funds.

Next, he used Bloomberg (Symphony) data to evaluate sales and prescription history of likely acquisition candidates to further narrow down products that fit the projected valuation criteria.

The Instigator expert then used his extensive industry contacts to reach out to each identified company, expressing interest in acquiring their products.

Fifteen CDAs with interested companies were executed. Instigator’s expert led, and completed, due diligence on 15 products. As part of this process he created pro forma financials and he led presentations to possible funding sources, including private equity, pharma partners, debt lenders, and others.

The Result

At the end of this process, the company made formal offers for five products. Three of them, included an OTC product, were acquired.