After acquiring a product outside their current focus, a pharmaceutical company called in Instigator to help their sales force market it

The Opportunity

A pharmaceutical company had the opportunity to acquire a product that was in a different therapeutic area and with a different physician target audience than their current product line. This meant that their existing sales force wasn’t prepared to support the newly acquired project.

The Solution

An Instigator sales force expert was brought in to reorganize the sales force and maximize sales efficiency.

The first priority was research into the market landscape of the new product. Our expert and his team researched the identified top decile physician targets for the new product. This data was then overlaid on a map of the physicians that the sales team was already targeting for their other product.

Once this new map was created and analyzed, sales territories were reconfigured to focus only on top decile physician targets across all products. The sales team could then be more efficient in their efforts to reach high decile physicians, and let lower decile physicians be reached through non-personal promotion.

The Result

Out of a total of seventy-five original territories, twenty had to be significantly reorganized or eliminated, while twenty-five new territories were added. The sales team was more productive with this new configuration and were able to reach more high decile targets in less time than before.

In the first full year after acquiring the product, the company’s sales of promoted products increased 10-20% across the board.