This new website is an introduction to all the ways we can help pharma companies develop, launch, and market their products and services.

Under our previous name, Eye Integrated, we’ve offered marketing, advertising, and branding services to the life science industry for over twenty years. As our company has grown, however, our capabilities have expanded far beyond just creative services and we now offer a full range of expert consultation and in-depth services at every step in the drug development and product launch process. Considering how much our company has evolved, we felt that a rebranding was in order. Instigator was born!

We chose the name Instigator to reflect what we do best: help companies get started making their goals a reality, where ever they are in the lifecycle. To us, being an instigator is about being an agent of change, shaking things up, and creating new ideas and new approaches.

And this new website is where we get it started. We’re really proud of this new site, but we also see it as just the first step. We have a lot to show you… we hope you visit often to see our new features, read our blog posts, and learn more about how Instigator can bring your vision to Life.

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