When a small pharma company brought their women’s health product to trial, Instigator developed branding and marketing initiatives that helped them meet their clinical trial’s recruitment goals.

The Opportunity

Fervent Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to addressing women’s health issues by meeting unmet needs associated with menopause, especially hot flashes and night sweats. The company developed a non-hormonal, non-herbal, and non-antidepressant treatment for these vasomotor symptoms and prepared it for clinical trials under the name FP-101.

Although FP-101 was not yet ready to be named and branded, Fervent Pharmaceuticals was ready to create a name for itself. It needed a strong corporate identity to appeal to a wide audience: not just potential trial participants, but also potential investors as well as potential acquirers of the treatment. That’s where Instigator stepped in.

The Process

Our team of strategists worked with Fervent to uncover its story and create its brand. With soothing visuals and a color palette based on cooler tones, our Fervent branding appeals to the peace and coolness that women crave during hot flashes.

The website’s imagery shows women in their everyday lives, which are often disrupted by the symptoms of menopause. The home page features a series of eye-catching motion visuals, which start as still images and begin to move after a few seconds, to provide a realistic glimpse into their lives.

With its identity developed and website launched, Fervent was ready to start recruitment for FP-101’s clinical trial. Instigator strategists drove recruitment efforts by developing a targeted social media campaign. During the campaign, articles about a variety of menopause-related topics were posted on the company Facebook page. The articles linked to the Fervent website, where viewers were educated about FP-101 and then directed to a page to apply for participation in the clinical trial.

These posts were boosted to a highly specific audience. Using Facebook’s targeting capabilities, we ensured these posts are seen by the right people, specifically 45 to 65-year-old women who live near a clinical trial site. By utilizing this technology effectively, Instigator ensured that only eligible women would see these posts, and we didn’t waste our efforts on reaching people who hadn’t experienced menopause or didn’t live in the trial area.

The Results

Thanks to Instigator’s branding services and our initiative to reach trial-eligible women on social media, Fervent Pharmaceuticals met its participant goal and finished recruitment for FP-101’s clinical trial, which will begin in the fall. The company credits Instigator for playing a large role in successfully recruiting patients for the trial.